Gabetti: all’arrembaggio !


E’ notizia di qualche giorno che Gabetti è la prima azienda italiana ad entrare seriamente in second Life, alcune risposte chiariscono il perchè e quale tipo di business sta dietro a questo nuovo arrivo nel virtuale:

# Buying islands and Building in SL is a form of trading?
Yes it will be soon a real business. Gabetti calls it virtual investment. Posting traditional ads in SL probably doesn’t make sense, specific initiatives are more interesting to residents.
# How much will be the global investment?
It will be 100K euros but it will be compensated by the first ROIs and finalized acquiring new islands
# How the ROI can be guaranteed?
5 sales people (named the “Bright Fives”) will follow a business plan with a profit by the end of the year
# Which is the average cost needed to design a building (villa) in SL?
circa 1000 euros
# How many people are working on this project?
3 technical officers and 5 sales people

facciamoci un giro nel loro quartier generale..


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